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For example, if one strip is at the end of a set on one power supply, and the next strip starts a new power supply, the output of the first strip would not connect the +5 wire across. Generally, the female connectors are used as the input side of the strips. (The DATA connection is only once at the very beginning, and only the GND and +5v from the next strip and beyond). Power Injection simply means running multiple wires from your power supply to sections of the LEDs to have less voltage drop than running the power through the strip itself. To keep costs minimal they use a very thin copper foil that is adequate for the requirements of the strip, but not for daisy-chaining them. 36-inch Flexible LED Strip EnlightenLEDs are a great way to light up the interior of your home. :-). The lead-in connector only uses three of the wires for testing, and the fourth was sometimes used to bring power from the end to the start of the segment (or a separate 2 pin connector was used). Although I spent time making sure I was not exceeding the 10 amps available with each adapter, there was more voltage drop in the wires than I expected. I did try 12 gauge landscape wire, which is thick, but too flexible. Perfect for work or recreational uses, this rechargeable 8.5 in. So, I used some plastic molding as a backing to make the strips rigid, and cup hooks and screw eyes to mount them to the house. I would re-do the power connections for sure - squirrels have chewed on the T connectors :-)I have not updated the code from the Instructable since I use a personal web site to set the colors. This is a picture of it.if the strip goes in to deep for some viewing purpose, then put somthing underneeth it.i used 1 time 2 ethernet cables next to eachother and then the strip rises to the front, and the viewing angle is wider then.on the far part of thd ztrip you can see the strip at the bottom of the rail/Beam.Richard. (3 bytes per pixel). I'm in the planning stages of RGB LED lights around my home's exterior as well. Oil Rubbed Bronze Iron/Glass Modern Drum LED Flush Mount, Aria 2-Light 12.25 in. Looks good - thanks. Oakland Community Coll., Farmington, MI. I have a more limited holiday display due to comments from the family :-) Not going for one of the contests here :-)Radiate,5,40,255,0,0,0,255,0 Radiate,5,40,255,0,0,0,255,0 XmasColors Wait,8 RedWhiteOne more note: I tried the Vixen Lights app recently with a simple Arduino as a controller and I think it would work with this many LEDs, though I have not tried it.//----------------------------------------------------------------------// wait_secs//----------------------------------------------------------------------void wait_secs(int secs) { delay(1000 * secs);} // wait_secs//----------------------------------------------------------------------// set_color//----------------------------------------------------------------------void set_color(uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b) { for(uint16_t i=0; i=0; i--) { strip.setPixelColor(i, c);strip.show(); delay(wait); }} // colorWipeDown//----------------------------------------------------------------------// rainbow//----------------------------------------------------------------------void rainbow(int wait) { uint16_t i, j; for(j=0; j<256; j++) { for(i=0; i= 0) && (mod <= 2)) strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(255, 0, 0)); if ((mod >= 6) && (mod <= 8)) strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(0, 255, 0)); if ((mod >= 12) && (mod <= 14)) strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(204, 50, 0)); if ((mod >= 18) && (mod <= 20)) strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(0, 0, 255)); if ((mod >= 24) && (mod <= 26)) strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(255, 240, 0)); }strip.show();} // xmas_colors//----------------------------------------------------------------------// fade_ab - fade between 2 colors//----------------------------------------------------------------------void fade_ab(uint8_t cR1, uint8_t cG1, uint8_t cB1, uint8_t cR2, uint8_t cG2, uint8_t cB2, int wait, int num_steps) { int j; set_color(cR1, cG1, cB1); for (j=0; j= 0) { strip.setPixelColor(i-width, strip.Color(bR, bG, bB)); } strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(fR, fG, fB));strip.show(); delay(wait); }} // chase_single_up//----------------------------------------------------------------------// chase_single_down//----------------------------------------------------------------------void chase_single_down(int width, int wait, int fR, int fG, int fB, int bR, int bG, int bB) { // green dot moving down for(uint16_t i=strip.numPixels()-1; i>=0; i--) { if ((i + width) <= strip.numPixels()) { strip.setPixelColor(i+width, strip.Color(bR, bG, bB)); } strip.setPixelColor(i, strip.Color(fR, fG, fB));strip.show(); delay(wait); }} // chase_single_down//----------------------------------------------------------------------// sparkle//----------------------------------------------------------------------void sparkle(uint32_t col1, uint32_t col2, int wait, int steps) { uint16_t i, j, k; for(i=0; i= 0) strip.setPixelColor(n2 - i, strip.Color(R, G, B)); if ((n2 + i + 1) < strip.numPixels()) strip.setPixelColor(n2 + i + 1, strip.Color(R, G, B)); delay(wait);strip.show(); }} // middle_to_edge//----------------------------------------------------------------------// bar_right - move a bar of the given width to the right//----------------------------------------------------------------------void bar_right(int width, int wait, uint8_t fR, uint8_t fG, uint8_t fB, uint8_t bR, uint8_t bG, uint8_t bB) { int i, j; for(uint16_t i=0; i0; i--) { for (j=0; j= 0) && (pos < strip.numPixels())) { strip.setPixelColor(pos, strip.Color(fR, fG, fB)); } else { mDone[j] = 1; } } //mPos[j] = min(strip.numPixels() - width - 1, max(0,mPos[j] + mVel[j])); mPos[j] = mPos[j] + mVel[j]; } // j mice strip.show(); delay(wait); // quit if the mice are all done bQuit = true; for (j=0; j

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