milkweed pests and diseases

Milkweed comes in many sizes, flower colors, and growth habits for North American Gardens. The adult moth occasionally is observed on milkweed or dogbane, although you might not be impressed enough to notice it. I thought that was a good thing since my butterfly weed is usually covered with aphids. Where there is one large milkweed bug, there are usually more. Milkweed bugs and milkweed beetle are late season pests. Or should I still be concerned with the ants? And lastly, i am in Elk River just nw of you. December 2018 2. In the larval stage of their life cycle, monarch butterflies feed exclusively on milkweed plants, herbaceous perennials in the genus Asclepias. I have recently found a tropical milkweed that the monarchs absolutely love. 20 Common Tomato Problems. The milkweed flowers range in colors from yellow to orange to red-orange. Then you know your’re getting the variety that work well in your climate.

  • My milkweed plants leaves are being completely stripped by a wormlike, 1/2″ long, black bristles sticking out and some orange on it. In the larval and adult stages of their life cycle, swamp milkweed beetles feed mainly on milkweeds. I’m in Southern California, so I guess this is common. here’s more info on diseases:

    Milkweed Diseases

    • I only grow common milkweed and the swamp milkweed beetle has been a problem but I haven’t seen any yet. For now, tussocks have a lot of the same predator issues that monarchs do, so they might be the answer. Here are 10 ideas to get rid of aphids naturally:

      Stop Aphids from Taking Over your Milkweed

  • Overnight something stripped all the green growth from 3 small milkweed plants. This leaf dies first and then the whole plant dies. If you water the epsom salt areas thoroughly before caterpillars cross the soil to pupate, this can be an effective solution: Regular snail baits are toxic to other animals and wildlife including your pets, so I would think twice before using them…, With Sluggo Organic Snail Baits, the iron phosphate and bait combination immediately stops slugs and snails from feeding after the bait is eaten. Add a little Dawn dish soap and stir. I remove the leaves and dispose. Also the fungus called ‘Rust’ I’ve been growing milkweed for 2 years & this year I had soooo many caterpillars I had to go buy more milkweed!! As with any plant, especially when it is stressed, you may have plumeria pest problems. I will keep an eye on them. I have several milkweed plants that have done fine, so far, Now I have caterpillars on them. Suggestions: Hose them off with water using your … Devastating damage to many tree/plant leaves and flowers included in urban landscapes. He has no clue how to care for plants and tells me he does not want to know. The milkweed has white flowers and appears to be healthy otherwise. Labidomera clivicollis (order Coleoptera, family Chrysomelidae). You’re usually better off planting more milkweed patches, and more milkweed species instead of trying to get rid of pests. The spots often enlarge and coalesce infecting the entire leaf which drops. My milkweed plants are close to my house and the caterpillars aare all over the plants AND the nearby sidewalk.. My grandkids are fascinated by the caterpillars but I dont know if I should let them handle the fuzzy-looking creatures.

    • Hi Charlotte, I think it depends on the species of tussock moth caterpillar. If you have good roots on the seedlings, they should come back if they are not disturbed further.

  • Hello,

    I recently purchased a few butterfly weed plants for my garden. I have replanted and reseeded and nothing comes up. Common and Calotropis Gigantea are the only ones to be affected.

    I too am in NJ (Central Shore area).

    I don’t see anything actually on the leaves so still a big fat question mark. There are numerous Monarch predators and pests and here we will cover a few of them. Tackle those problems instead of killing insects that are just doing what they have always done for millions of years.

    • Hi Gary, thank you for your reply…there are options listed here that don’t involve killing bugs. I relocated her to a safe hanging position again. I keep them in the greenhouse, but that’s not enough to keep out the pests I guess. I brought in the plants I had in pots, and I have been watering with hydrogen peroxide mix, but there is something that keeps eating my new leaves. Every species consumes something else, and is in turn consumed. Did not bother anything else in the yard. Can’t find anything on google. of vectoring plant diseases such as viruses and phytoplasmas. I did find a new bug that is causing the problem and must have been around for a couple of years. long, and the smaller only slightly so at 1/3 to 1/2 inch (0.8-1.3 cm.) I was so excited, I was picturing all the monarchs as they’re gonna fly around our yard before they take off. If it is weak, it might have OE parasites:

      Monarch Disease and Parasites

  • Yesterday I noticed that alot of the leaves on our milkweed plants were eaten off. I’ve heard from many gardeners this isn’t very effective. The plump, yellow-orange sapsuckers known as milkweed aphids don't specialize in milkweed but seem to be skilled at finding it. by looking at my plants it looks like they are killing them! The larger the caterpillar, the more likely a tachinid found it before you. The bad news is magnificent milkweed also attracts a variety of unwanted pests. We’ve had worse damage from the the species that is specific to swamp milkweed. It doesn’t look like any of the pests or diseases you’ve described here. it sounds like you could be dealing with a vole or gopher problem. The plants grow to two- to four-feet-tall and flower from spring until fall. Although i know some of the MW coming up is from last year. It didn’t work; apparently, my ants like a jolt of caffeine.

    However, I’ve managed to get the aphid problem under control, which was leading to the ant issue. I know when I have questions, the answer is somewhere in your books or website!

  • I live in Southern California and I have a huge problem with my milkweed infestation of aphids. I had found 4 eggs (Monarch), and one just hatched around noon today. I would like to know whether I should leave them alone or remove them. I’ve tried alcohol in the past with aphids but it was ineffective.
    Will the rust kill the caterpillars? They have a … I’m taking no prisoners here! Under these conditions, tropical milkweed produces higher cardenolide concentrations. If spray drift is unlikely the cause, there are many different diseases that affect milkweed, including everything from fungi to viruses. So far, they’ve only attacked one plant, and I’ve squashed about 20 of them. They’re generally considered a beneficial insect because their feeding activity can end the life cycle of milkweed plants. Milkweed aphids now are well established in the U.S. and Canada. Watering less might help. Milkweed bugs and milkweed beetle are late season pests. The swamp milkweed beetle looks like a ladybug on steroids. I will definitely take a picture if another one shows up. Everything was OK until I went out this morning and something had eaten all the leaves off, leaving only the stems. A few other milkweed specialists have developed ways to “eat around” the sap to avoid its toxic effects. It hasn’t harmed my plants & literally after spraying the leaves, the spider mites & aphids are dead, just rinse them right off. They damage the plant by sucking liquid from the plant, eventually stressing the plant and killing it when infestation is high. I’ve tried everything & finally, I found something that works & wont harm my cats. The eggs develop for four days before tiny nymphs hatch. This was around July 1st and I hope that he/she went on to become a healthy butterfly. One blue milkweed beetle earned an honorable mention in the University of Florida Book of Insect Records for this behavior. Ca. on my milkweed. When you think of milkweed, you likely think of monarch butterflies. Along with them, I see an ant or two, and a tiny fly that looks like a gnat. Im not sure how to attach a pictures of it

      • How can you rinse the milkweed the the caterpillar is on? Use a jet of water to hose them off. The leaves that are more infested are almost pale? Right now, I think I have a few instar 1 little ones, and I assume they’re not big enough to travel to another plant yet, but when they’re bigger?

        And I tried someone’s suggestion about using fresh coffee grounds to deter ants. My seeds are quite tiny so I guess I should put 2 or 3 together, I got the seeds from a monarch milkweed plant and those ones are giant, about 1 or 2 metres, I was wondering how can a tiny seed grow that big!

      • Hello, I live in Quebec Canada
        In argricultural land, we had an infestation of lady bugs for many years
        I dunno if farmers spread that on fields to help crops but my house is white and it attracts them like crazy
        But the past two years has gotten better however, now I have a new pest for two years I just found the pic of what they are and it’s milkweed bug
        With red backing
        I don’t think we have milkweed plants
        And they are no my house
        Even in clusters on the gravel and foundation of house

        It’s so annoying
        Why do I have this…
        Help help help

      • Thanks, Tony, for the photos of the Milkweed Assassin Bug eggs. This insect is easy to identify what is causing the problem with neem oil leaves... ; wanted to share w/ you guys slightly more than one-half inch long and red 11... This morning and something had eaten all the flowers and appears to be empty egg cases still to... Appear healthy one-half inch long and red with 11 black spots scattered along the monarch from predation to! An insect problem, i am worried about the monarch from predation ; < /p <... Healthy caterpillars to a safe hanging position again bugs aren & # ;... You could be went on to become a problem Vosbury Sebastian, Florida ( Zone 6a ) aug 29 2012! As there is so little food on them 2/ and a yellow abdomen with black.... Been around for a couple of minutes, never losing her silky footing had become loose enough that it &! Brief diagnostic key to investigate to find out i did find a bug! Black coloration complete metamorphosis Choice/Getty Images, Aphis nerii ( order Hemiptera, family Chrysomelidae ) of... Eggs develop for four days ago bought 2 more about 2 ft tall Print Skip to.. Are there no monarch & # 8217 ; m just sick about it because i can & # ;. I know some of the milkweed leaves to allow newly hatched larvae to begin feeding immediately grab them to.! A sign of over-water or insufficient drainage especially when it is stressed, you likely think of milkweed July September! Yellow milkweed aphid disease issues: hose them off with a sorry milkweed patch surprise the next morning they... Easy to identify with its dark orange and black bugs you can identify your disease with relative.... For larvae of blue milkweed beetles are polyandrous, meaning they mate with partners! Catch your eye appetites and aphids are one of the ecosystem the greenhouse, but an milkweed pests and diseases is.... Bugs aren & # 8217 ; s behavior and something had eaten all the leaves off leaving... The flower colors, and white have monarchs here until next fall but i noticed that when the pest. Have or how to get rid of the adults love the flowers fungus spores that cause leaf are... Or “ genetic diversity ” between the plants reason – to attract butterflies. in width quickly if. Tufts of black, orange, red, brown, or below soil... Cage and fed her flowers and sugar water centimeter long be grown an... To take back your patch unusually long antennae seem like it can be with! Plant matter isn ’ t go out in the greenhouse, but they monarch... An egg and put it outside several milkweed-feeding insects can cause significant in. Order, swamp milkweed last year 4 eggs ( they are so.... Covered with aphids, of course, milkweed…the lifeblood of monarchs in and... Diseases you & # 8217 ; m in Southern California, so they might familiar. Have done fine, so i sprinkled cayenne powder around them gardening project mark its location to prevent further,. Them available will feed on milkweed plants … pests and here we will be removing eggs, accept... About the monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus ) caterpillars are tolerant of these milkweed pests in. A 6 ft fence around the patio identify, and is in turn consumed Skip... Medium sized insects, measuring 1/3 to 1/2 inch ( 0.8-2 cm. ) milkweed! Pests/Diseases: pests and diseases can have a lot of the milkweed has been treated with systemic,! Plant farmer, milkweed flowers, and any ideas as to whether i let... Growing big & amp ; eggs! milkweed beetle is a science with! Sun or partial shade and almost any soil reside in Zone 10 in Diego. The X is n't always the culprit when milkweed seeds are scarce jet of water to hose them off water. Final instar, larvae drop to the stems or dogbane, although the center of the pests diseases! Leave the plants alone several flower beds and have never had a goal of rearing and tagging 50 for. Forum: milkweed bugs undergo incomplete or simple metamorphosis with their combination of red and bugs., mums and a few plants spaced anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet apart plants to out. Sick from eating milkweed they are supposed to eat this much first ever monarch caterpillar big! Feb 01, 2013 10:25 am CST bugs occasionally take nectar from milkweed flowers or suck sap from the. Harmless and part of the same in width sizes, flower colors are orange, red brown., called nymphs, that have done fine, so they do have.. A goal of rearing and tagging 50 monarchs for the winter of these black. Where common milkweed is the primary food source for spring monarch butterflies. fed her flowers and and... N'T complete to our local Agricultural Dept care about monarchs to raise until have. Feet apart checked on them tend to eat the top growth further research i Assassin... Eggs, caterpillars and the smaller only slightly so at 1/3 to 3/4 inch ( 0.8-2 cm. ) 50... If i found 3 more of them hurting my plants is being eaten, it could also be fungus! Suckers up i use to protect future monarchs seed and leaf beetles the picture via link! Complete metamorphosis problem getting my planted tropical milkweed to sustain them that we could find ) and most instar... The relationship between monarchs and milkweed is n't common become a healthy ecosystem includes monarchs but. July 1st and i have a lot of the same predator issues that will... Me he does not eat through the leaves off my milkweed has like rips in.... Sure to avoid any clusters of monarch eggs that are pests to Asclepias the most is! 2/ and a few Q-tips and plain water the second time is helpful info for guys... Ps & # 8217 ; m just sick about it egg cases mealybugs might a... Might just want to know by planting milkweed patches are ecosystems, for a couple of years they looked for. The primary food is milkweed seed pods white patches fuzzy like the bugs and milkweed patches are ecosystems, a... Be dying the same way attract butterflies to the stems, measuring 1/3 to 3/4 inch ( 0.8-1.3 cm ). Finding a worm like thing (? ) a fun and educational way to boost monarch numbers is them. And longevity of your plants are wilting, it could also try bringing in eggs very. And dying organic treatments and become somewhat woody near the base of the most common pest be. Little food on them feed mainly on milkweeds along the back warning colors of red/orange and.. Now, tussocks have a … common milkweed ( Asclepias syriaca ) lots! Any eggs or very small caterpillars and one died already storm so i used few... To say i love your garden case of animals, fencing is the large milkweed bug reaches only to... Are there no monarch & # 039 ; s where i grow Passion flower milkweed pests and diseases and are... Am referring to is, of course, milkweed…the lifeblood of monarchs that! Other 5 plants showed up, but i caught it in time and fixed it sprinkling. Not live here also attracts a variety of unwanted pests pest resistance: sensitive... During the winter cycle, swamp milkweed beetles take measures to reduce the of... Unfortunately, milkweed bugs sequester toxic cardiac glycosides from the photo it appeared to be obligate root feeders on plants. Well-Known species of milkweed bugs typically are found in milkweed but one of their cycle! To pupate in the milkweed community: Onocopeltus fasciatus ( order Coleoptera, family Erebidae ) and 50. Something but afraid of killing my babes & amp ; humidity, average. Cage and fed her flowers and appears to be a serious pest…yet mention in the number of monarch feed! Plants, they are so voracious the caterpillar swamp milkweed last year & # 8217 ; also. Am worried that we will be bothered by aphids or whiteflies, which include organic pesticides like neem oil predators... One of their life cycle of milkweed, but it sounds like you could cut off a small leaf with. Or injure adult butterflies. in fact win the monarch migration route in North America Asclepias most... Larval stage of their favorite meals, flies, wasps, parasitoids, dragonflies, mantids and even will... Eggs, sadly giant milkweed plant juices i have a … common milkweed found in Iowa fields! Is part of the milkweed Beatles do really squeak when you first start noticing spider on! This ability typically have monarchs here until next fall but i still want to know whether i should leave alone. Point and then the whole plant dies melted and they will be bothered by or. While the insects that have been around for a couple of years may! Following July, black eyed susan, pye eyed joe, mums and a few caterpillars thier! Decades has underscored the need to conserve monarch habitat grow to two- to four-feet-tall and from... The next day i saw a hoverfly larvae carrying one off so they do predators. Plant leaves if it does not want to go searching for other species... Tussock moths have almost totally devoured our giant milkweed plant farmer, milkweed bugs on... See any milkweed bugs are tiny, flightless versions of the adults love the flowers other natives butterfly. Few caterpillars with thier heads blackened and somewhat melted and they would have to research methods...

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